What We Do About CanadaBay Medical Centre

Welcome to CanadaBay Medical Centre the 3D Head & Neck Cone Beam Volumetric scan Tomography specialists.

Cone Beam scanning is a specialist technology, designed specifically to capture high resolution, 3D images of the Head & Neck region.

You have been referred to CanadaBay Medical Centre because your practitioner wishes to investigate your treatment area more thoroughly, enabling them to give you the most accurate and thorough treatment available. Here at CanadaBay we pride ourselves on providing patients with a quick and comfortable imaging experience.

What to expect

On arrival at one of our locations, you will need to produce your referral form and your medicare card (as well as any valid Pension or Commonwealth Health Care card).

You will then be taken through to the room where the machine is located, where you will be asked to remove any jewellery and head/hair accessories containing metal just for the duration of the scan. Please also advise the radiographer if you have any dentures.

After removal of your jewellery etc, you will be sat in the conebeam machine where you will be instructed to remain completely still. It is very important that that the mouth, jaw and throat remain still – please be careful not to swallow or make any other oral adjustments during the scan.

The Cone Beam machine will make a total of two rotations around your head area – one to take the image, and the second to reset itself. This process will only take 10, 20 or 40 seconds depending on the type of scan requested. The radiographer will then check your scan to ensure it’s clear – and if so, you will then be released to go.


Will the procedure hurt?
Absolutely not. The Cone Beam scan is very quick (between 20 – 40 seconds), and doesn’t require you to be moved at all – you simply sit in a seat and the machine spins around you.

Is there any preparation required for my scan?
No – apart from the removal of jewellery and metal objects from your head and neck area prior to being scanned, there is nothing you are required to do

Do I need to book far in advance?
No – we can usually even see you the same day! Just call to enquire

How much radiation will I be exposed to?
Click here to view table for levels and comparison guides

Canada Bay Medical Centre CBVT Scan Exposure Tables
Cone Beam Radiation Dosage Chart
Standard 20 sec Cone Beam Scan - 13 cm FOV 0.08 mSv
High Res 40 sec CBVT scan 0.17 mSv
Bitewings (4 films) 0.038 mSv
Full Mouth Series (19 films) 0.15 mSv
Conventional OPG 0.05 – 0.1mSv
Conventional Lat Ceph 0.071 mSv
Standard CT Radiation Dosage Chart
CT Scan of Facial Bones 1.0 mSv
CT Scan Head 2.5 mSv
CT Scan Chest 8.0 mSv
CT Scan Pelvis 10.0 mSv
CT Scan Abdomen 10-13 mSv
CT Scan Whole Body 15-16 mSv
Effective Dose Comparison
Natural Radiation Source
Average Annual Background Radiation Dose (excluding medical procedures) 1.5 – 2.0 mSv
Radiation Dose Rates from Air Travel
International Air Travel @ 12,000 metres 3.7 µSv / hour
Supersonic Air Travel @ 15,000 metres 13 µSv / hour
Sydney – Perth return
(Similar dose to an OPG)
~29.6 uSv / 0.03 mSv
Sydney – LA return
(Similar dose to an OPG & Ceph or a CBVT scan)
~96.2 uSv / 0.09 mSv