About Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) 3D Head & Neck CT

CandaBay provides a medical grade cone beam 3D VT service that produces the most thorough views available, of all oral, ENT and maxillofacial structures - enhancing diagnosis and treatment planning.

Cone Beam imaging is an exceptionally useful tool and has become an essential part of many referring practitioner’s treatment plans, providing essential views including mandibular canal marking, bone heights for Implant patients, Sinus & Airways to name but a few.

The extended field of view feature allows for a 21cm full height scan – ideal for Cephalometric Reconstruction. Suitable for Orthodontic, Sleep Apnea & Trauma patients requiring Cephalometric, Panoramic, SMV, TM Joints, Supernumerary, Impactions Airway and limited Spinal views.

Please have a look at our case studies for samples of our work.

If you’d like to arrange a time to come in and talk to us about our services and how we can help, please feel free to call us on 1300 761 696.

Why Choose CanadaBay CBVT?

  • Our service offers a 3rd dimension. The images can be understood and they allow you to see critical anatomy that you haven’t previously been able to see on the likes of a traditional OPG machine image in a 1:1.
  • We can detect and evaluate problems accurately by measuring bone and jaw deformities, assessing bone lesions and changes to the jaw – even detecting other pathologies such as cysts, tumors and disease
  • We take the time to sit down with you, the practitioner and discuss your exact requirements - even creating a personalised protocol if required, to ensure you receive the exact views every time
  • Our knowledge in this unique area of diagnostic imaging is second to none. Our experience, combined with the expertise of our team enables us to provide you with the best images and results available
  • For urgent cases, patient scan results can be available weblink via FTP website or email within 30mins of their scan being taken